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At The Lending Circle (a division of Sunovis Financial), we:

  • pledge to give you great service.
  • have the finest advisers, lenders and financial network to guide you and correctly package a deal, get it in shape to be qualified, or give advice on how to become better qualified for future.
  • do not “sell leads” to banks or lenders and you will not be called lenders unknown to you about your needs.
  • combine old world professionalism and new world technology to get you the best terms available.

Many borrowers today are having a hard time finding financing, or are being rejected for what are termed “near bankable deals.”  Some are unable to refinance commercial real estate they bought during the upswing of the markets.  Some lenders are not equipped to loan money today due to reserve levels and under-performing assets in their portfolio.  There is a multitude of situations that exist today.  The bottom line is that many NEED financing, and how can they find it?

Maybe your financing request has already been rejected by an area bank or banks.  What to do?


What we propose:  If your application for a “near bankable deal” has been rejected by a lender or lenders, or if you are now applying to a local bank (and jumping through all of the documentation hoops), you can fill out our application here. We review your criteria and then take your needs to our active lenders nationwide.  We may want to discuss further details, and we will want to be able to “paint the picture” with the active lenders and advocate for you. We then come back to you with terms and any banks who can finance or refinance your deal.  We charge you no fee for this service, and would be paid a fee only if your loan closes.

The Lending Circle is a division of  Sunovis Financial, an SBA expert, and can help you with your small business loan needs.



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