Loan Activity – Case Study in Cincinnati

Loan Activity – Case Study in Cincinnati

Greater Cincinnati banks’ loans are on the rise, but not all borrowers are created equal writes Steve Watkins of the Business Courier.

Plenty of potential borrowers complain that banks aren’t lending when in reality the borrowers’ credit history leaves a little something to be desired.

Industry sectors make a big difference, too, at least when it comes to demand. Bankers say they’re willing to make loans across the board. But a big chunk of their requests are coming from health care and manufacturing firms these days.

John Marrocco, head of business banking at Fifth Third’s Greater Cincinnati affiliate, said plenty of manufacturers are expanding and seeking money.

“That’s done better than we would have expected,” he said.

He attributes a lot of it to international business, which he’s seeing start to pick up after the European slowdown hampered overseas growth.


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