What We Do

We help borrowers find financing nationwide through our Lending Circle, pure and simple.

Our motto is “The Lending Circle - The New Way to Get Loans Done Today.” The Lending Circle is a division of Sunovis Financial.  We are “all things lending”.


* We find you the best loans to fulfill your needs (micro, conventional, refinancing, alternative, SBA, life company financing, etc.). The Lending Circle handles “all things lending”.

* We offer you great, personalized service.

* We have the finest advisers, lenders and financial network to guide you and correctly package a deal, get it in shape to be qualified, or give advice on how to become better qualified for future.

* We use banking experience and knowledge combined with modern technology and platforms to get you the best terms and service possible.

* We offer you a competitive edge.


Financing is not always easy to find these days. Many banks are in trouble, their reserves are stretched, or they are nervous about new lending. Many investors own commercial real estate purchased during the market upswing, and need to refinance – but are having a hard time doing so.  Some investors are stretched thin, too. Since 2008, sources of capital have dried up, including those for small businesses, and financing has been tough.  New businesses have a hard time buying a building or finding capital while seasoned businesses may need to buy new equipment or refinance.  And some borrowers have what are called “near bankable deals”, in which they almost qualify but not quite and are rejected by their local bank.

The Lending Circle, a division of Sunovis Financial, addresses these very issues and situations.  There ARE active and strong lenders today, who have a wide range of appetite and specialties. The Lending Circle taps into and works with these lenders nationwide to help borrowers.  Many small businesses or borrowers don’t have the resources or time to find lenders outside of their own community. The Lending Circle provides this, and more.

How does it work?

Our experts will prequalify you – fill out the preliminary information on our site and our experts will review and talk to you. In order to find the best solutions, we need a good understanding of your needs.

For all loans except the short-term business loans, here is the procedure once you are prequalified: 

  • You complete our Application.
  • We take your information to our confidential active banking/non-banking lending network in The Lending Circle.
  • Interested lenders come back to us with general terms and offers.
    (You will not be contacted directly by various banks.)
  • You decide if you would like to proceed, then we assist you with the final underwriting and closing process.

There is no upfront fee to you for this service. Our low fee is only paid if your financing is successful, at closing.  There of course may be lender fees associated with the loan, which will be disclosed.

For our short-term business loan, simply complete the fast and easy information and we take it from there.

  • Our short-term micro business loans are simple, fast and easy.
  • Decisions are typically made in 2 to 3 days.
  • Funding can occur in as fast as 7 days.
  • At application, only 3 months of bank statements and a P&L is required.
  • Link to our application here [link coming shortly]

The Lending Circle is a division of Sunovis Financial.


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